Perfect Day and Place for a Beer

&Union | Beer Salon / Charcuterie

It was a beautifully sunny and windless day in Cape Town. A perfect day to enjoy a beer. If you’re looking, as I was, for a place that serves great beer, but has more of European-brasserie feel then &Union is the place for you. &Union only offers a selection of artisanal beers, so if you’re looking for the usual big brewery beers you wont find any here.

Brought to you by the original Vida e Caffè guys, they once more prove how to make a great idea work well. The beers are German and the food is Portuguese and Spanish-inspired. The beers will set you back R40, however they are 500ml and not like any beer you’ve tasted – definitely worth the bucks! There are 4 different types: Unfiltered Larger, STEPH Weis, Berne Unfiltered Amber, and Dark Larger. My favourite is the STEPH Weis, it’s the sweetest and tastiest.

You order inside at the bar where an array of cured meats are seen hanging over the counter. The staff is great and will gladly assist you in pairing your beer with the correct food. The food menu comprises of Grilled Weisswurst, Prego rolls, or your choice of Charcuterie, Cheese, Grilled Saucisson, or Salmon Carpaccio Boards. All the boards are served with a side green-leaf salad, homemade crisps and a small loaf of Knead Bread. Bar snacks like grilled Halloumi, Pâté and Biltong is also available.

Once you place your order you can enjoy your luxurious, cold beer in the beer garden. Aside from the beer, the venue also adds to the appeal of the place. Situated on Bree Street, Cape Town, &Union feeds off of the energy of Bree street: street sounds are heard as they ricochet off the surrounding buildings, and people pass by satisfying anyone’s voyeuristic tendencies.

At the moment &Union has a special running: Choose any of the boards (except the Salmon board), any beer and a cup of Organic coffee for R90.

My boyfriend and I both chose a board – one cheese and the other meat. The portions are big, so if you’re not a piggy like me and need and want your own, it’s a nice lunch to share with a friend. However, your friend would have to order her own beer; or share with you.

&Union also serves wine for those of you who do not enjoy beer and for teetotalers choose from an assortment of Natal Midlands’ Ginger Beer, Cloudy Lemonade and Cinnamon Cola. &Union is a WiFi zone, and all their coffee is certified organic and they recycle – showing how to do green in style. If you are in the mood for fancy beer and fancy cheese amongst the hullabaloo of the city, take a trip down Bree street and visit &Union.


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