Chocolate Fondant NOMU Style

Chocolate Fondant NOMU Style



Last week Wednesday I was invited by NOMU to attend an “afternoon of irresistible treats”, as per the invitation so tantalizingly phrased it. And what an afternoon of decadence and spoiling it was. Thank the Pope I never ate lunch, as per the invite suggested with a somewhat sneaky-effective-luring “p.s” (typed at the bottom of the page). Having skipped lunch and walked from Cavendish Mall (yes, you read right), ALL THE WAY to Winchester Avenue, Bishops Court, to Ottimo Ciba, where the event took place, I was more than comfortably hungry – to be frank I was bloody starving.



On entrance, worryingly sweaty and with disheveled hair, (the walk was frightfully hilly and LONG), I was warmly greeted by Paul (husband to NOMU creator, Tracy), who handed me a name badge and ushered me to the room where the “irresistible treats” where to be found and the mystery behind the invite was revealed.


In the room, a large table stood filled with beautiful cakes and finger foods galore! It looked like High Tea at The Mount Nelson, a spread that one dresses up for (I regret having worn jeans as they did not match the setting – if only I had worn a dress!). At the end of the table, on shelves stood Baking Kits, and the surprise was revealed: NOMU has brought out a range of Baking Kits.


The food on the table, was all created out of NOMU’s new Baking Kits and was a way to advertise, not only what the kits taste like, but also their versatility (and what a great way to do it).


On exit we all got two Baking Kits, I was lucky enough to get The Chocolate Fondant Kit and The Vanilla Biscuit Kit. Having been someone who loves chocolate fondant, I was pretty curious to try a fondant baking kit and see how it matched up to the real thing. At the back of the box, (as usual) is a list of ingredients one was to add, such as eggs, milk and butter and (less usual) suggestions on how to ‘snaz ‘ up your fondant such as adding orange zest. I decided to give mine an even bigger dazzle and added Amaretto and extra chocolate which I added halfway when filling my moulds. On that note, I was pretty impressed that the kit contained disposable fondant moulds.


Aside from the nifty moulds, the fondant was rather delicious, in fact I ate ALL 4! (over 2 days). As a baking kit goes, I was impressed with the quality and ease of the kit. I think the kits are perfect for people who want to impress without the mess ( I couldn’t help rhyming). The versatility of the kits is what makes them unique and exciting. To view all the kits and recipe ideas visit NOMU’s site. Also the kits are available to purchase via their site.


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