How to cook a Perfect Ribeye Steak

How to Cook Steak Perfectly Medium-Rare

Bone-In Ribeye with Herb Butter and Shoe-String Fries and a How to Video!


In my opinion, bone-in, Ribeye is one of the best cuts of steak. Everything about this cut screams flavaour; the great marbling, the bone (which is also quite nice to chew on afterwards – just ask my boyfriend), and not to mention the great side of fat. I also used an amazing aged, free-range, ribeye.

cowboy steak_1

Is that not the sexiest piece of steak you have ever seen? It’s like the Chris Hemsworth of steaks! As you can see in the photos what a great deep-shade of red, almost purple, the steak was. And since there is no smell-o-vision, I would like you to know it had that great Pamesan-ey-nutty smell synonymous with umami and a characteristic of an expertly-aged steak.

steak butter fries_2

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I bought my steak from Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants and I would suggest, if you live in Cape Town, to do the same – it literally was the best steak I have ever eaten. Oh and 450g is enough to serve 2 adults. And, since the flavour of the steak is so incredibly good, all this steak requires is seasoning prior to cooking. I served mine with a herb butter as I can never get enough butter and fat in my life and for a similar reason I also serve it with shoe-string fries – as I pretty mush love fries with everything, I even order salads with a side of fries. The recipe and video shows how to cook a perfectly medium-rare ribeye as that is the best way, well, more like that is how  I like my steak done (the best way).


steak with butter



Serves: 2

Prep time: 10 minutes (plus, 1 hour to allow steak to get to room temp)

cooking time: 16 mins (plus 5 mins resting time) — for a medium-rare steak


450g bone-in Ribeye steak (free-range, aged and at room temp)

sea salt and coarsely-ground pepper

For the herb butter

125g softened unsalted butter

1 large bunch of mixed herbs, such as basil, origanum and parsley


Make sure your steak has been removed from the fridge at least an hour before cooking.

Pre-heat oven to 220 degrees Celsius.

Pat steak dry with paper towel.

Generously season with salt and pepper – remember the steak is quite thick, so you want to season accordingly.

Heat a griddle pan until smoking.

Place the steak onto the grill and cook for 90 seconds, then rotate 90 degrees and cook a further 90 seconds – this will create a nice criss-cross pattern on your steak (leave the rotation out if you only want lines on your steak).

Turn the steak, and repeat the process – the steak should cook for a total of 3 mins on each side.

Place steak in an oven-proof pan or tray.

Place in the oven for 10 mins

remove, and allow to rest for 5 mins.


To make the herb butter, finely chop the herbs and ad to the softened butter.

Mix until well-incorporated.

Place onto parchment paper, roll up, twist the ends and place in the fridge to chill.

For a 550g steak cooked medium-rare.

Place the steak on a hot griddle pan for 5 mins on each side. Cook in a 220 degree Celsius oven for 12 mins and allow to rest for 10 mins.


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