Vietnamese Rice Paper Wraps

Vietnamese Rice Paper Wraps Prawn, Mango and Coriander Spring Rolls

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These Vietnamese Rice Paper Wraps are a wonderfully, healthy and fresh alternative to deep-fried spring rolls. Gone are the days of slaving around a pot of hot oil, and welcome to the days of making these healthy and incredibly quick rolls. If that’s not good enough, these babies can be made ahead of time.

rice_prawn warps

You can keep them completely vegetarian or add fish, chicken or prawns. I like to stick to Asian flavours like coriander, peppers, spring onion, avos and fruits like mango and pineapple, but you can put whatever you like in them.  There really is no rule, except whatever you put in them must either be able to be eaten raw or make sure to cook the stuff before you roll them in the warp. I serve my wraps with a dipping sauce, but they are also delicious as is.

vietnamese prawn warps

Oh and did I mention they are gluten-free. And if you want to diet, but still want to enjoy food (and life) – these are your answer to that conundrum. For one, they are full of fresh ingredients, and, two basically contain no fat and very little sugar which is from the fruit (so you can easily leave them out).

vietnamese wraps

For the recipe please watch my video below. The ingredients and quantity is reliant on how many you want to make. Just remember to not over-fill them. I use 3 small prawns/shrimp per wrap, a few thin slices of cucumber peppers and a slice of mango and a small handful of rice noodles.  You’ll find the dipping sauce recipe at the bottom of the page.

Here are some ingredients that I think work well in these wraps, I would suggest to choose a combo that has different textures and a balanced flavour. For example: pineapple and chicken will work well with coriander, peanuts, cucumber and chili. Pork and mango with coriander, sesame seeds, cucumber and red pepper. How about tuna, avo, sesame seeds, spring onion and cucumber. You can mix and match and come up with your own great flavour and texture combo:


Coriander, mint, basil

Sushi grade sashimi fish (like salmon and tuna)

Cooked chicken and pork

Prawns/shrimp, crab

Sesame seeds, chopped peanuts


Peppers, chili peppers,

Cucumber, spring onion

Mango, pineapple

Cooked rice noodles, and sushi rice


For the dipping sauce:


1 Tb soy sauce

1 Tb fish sauce

Sesame oil, few drops (optional) – not in my video, but great in the sauce

1-2 tsp honey (depending on how sweet you like it)

Juice of half a lime

1 thumb-size ginger, grated and juice squeezed (as per video)

Tb fresh chopped coriander

I small chili, chopped


Mix all the ingredients together and serve with rice paper wraps. 

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