How to Style Eggs

Fun with Eggs

At present my computer’s “a” and “s” keys do not work. As a result I am forced either to copy and paste them in (using old word docs as reference); or write like a twelve ye@r old on f@cebook or $m$ – I am not sure which is wor$e. Luckily for this post I am using my boyfriend’s laptop – saving me time and ensuring I don’t look like a silly teenage girl whose brain has gone on sabbatical.

As a result, today’s post is a little different from my usual posts and quite short (cannot hog the laptop). I also thought it would be nice to post something that was purely fun and (hopefully) interesting.

For some of you who don’t know, I am a freelance food stylist. I often practice food styling techniques at home to test them out and to improve my styling skills.

Since eggs are relatively cheap I decided that I would practice styling eggs and make a series of photos that tell a story/message about breakfast. This post is about styling eggs – how to cook them so they look as sunny as a Wimpy Breakfast Ad.





Firstly, use free-range eggs. Ethics aside, the yolks hold their shape better and are lovely and plump

Secondly, always use a non-stick pan. A cheap one from Click’s does the job. I use what P ‘n P calls an “Eggy Pan” – a small non-stick pan (as in the below pics). I find it works brilliantly and since it is so small I never use it for anything else, thus it always stays in perfect condition 🙂

Thirdly, cook your eggs slowly in vegetable oil – never be tempted to up the heat. If you do, you’ll find the white starts to get bubbles and the yolk can also form bubbles and sometimes they rupture and there goes your perfect egg.

I use a heart-shaped mould in the pics, you can apply this technique using other moulds or none at all. And… always brush your mould with oil or spray with non-stick spray.

The picture below shows how the yolk naturally falls to one side. To avoid that, using a spoon hold the yolk in the centre. After about 40seconds of cooking, remove the spoon and your yolk will stay centre – eggs solidify quite quickly.

Keep cooking your egg very slowly on a low heat until the white is completely opaque. Then remove your egg.

You can make these eggs ahead of time and keep them for quite a few hours till needed. On shoots you often need quite a few eggs for a shot and it is best to make a couple in advance. All you have to do is pour a layer of vegetable oil over your cooked eggs and store in a container or simply place on a tray and cover with plastic wrap.

One last tip, if you are using a mould you’ll find that the white runs out a little – don’t stress. When your egg is half-cooked press down on the mould as if it is a cookie cutter. You’ll notice the escaped white will separate from the sides of the mould. Simply scoop them out with a spoon and continue to cook your egg till done.


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  • B says:

    This is awesome. In fact it’s eggcellent 😉 And even though they are insanely perfect and clearly the hero you have some mad bacon skills! Those perfect little waves of crunchy goodness are exquisite! x

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