For as long as I can remember I have loved food, specifically good food. My mother recalls how as a baby I never finished one bottle of milk and was only ever able to drink a quarter of the bottle (I think most people can agree a bottle of milk is not the most appetizing thing). When I grew older I was often found decorating my plate with slices of tomatoes, herbs and ground black pepper before I would eat it. In the sandpit castles, moats and tunnels did not spark an interests; rather cakes, biscuits and cupcakes were my preferred inspiration in sand-sculpting. Thus my passion, love and fussy-food-fetish began before I even knew what wonderful food awaited me.

After school I went to London for two years with the aspiration of becoming a star in their local soapie, Eastenders. When that did not pan out (to be fair I didn’t try very hard), I found a job in a restaurant as a waitress. It was a wonderful restaurant where the menu change daily and the owner and chefs constantly entertained me with their knowledge and tales of food. When I was not busy I would help the kitchen porter gut and scale fish – it was always such a treat when the fishmonger’s van pulled up and I got to go and have a look at all the remarkable fish.Later in the year I was asked to be a chef in the restaurant. I learnt many culinary skills and began to really understand what food would later mean to me: food is more than simply a sustenance it is love, family, pride and a wonderfully unifying element – every family celebration is revolved around food.

I loved my job and found it extremely fulfilling. After my two years my mother decided that I should get a degree. So off I was to UCT. To which I obtained a BA Honours in Film,  majoring in English Literature, Film and Print Production.


My blog is a showcase of my adventures with food where it takes me and what I learn. I will share my experiences, love and joy around food and hope it inspires you to cook and love food as much as me –I hope you will learn from my blog.

Enjoy creating the food yourself, please come back regularly and hungry. My goal is to eventually be working as a full time food photographer, writer and stylist.


If you would like to use one of my photographs for commercial purposes please contact me, I have high res versions.  The photos and text on delisous.com are Copyright Kristy Snell.